Dorothy Una Ratcliffe

The Una Blue set is the last one of my first collection. It took me the longest to find the right lace to go with the beautiful blue silk fabric. And then, while the three previous sets had easily fallen in line with my three favorite poems, this one turned out trickier. First off, I needed to find a poem I loved as much as the other three, and then, the inspiration behind this set with it's darker blue silk, and white lace, was the night sky, so I wanted to find a poem using 'blue' about the night. But, after extensive reading I discovered that classic poets are very fond of using blue to refer to the daytime sky. Still, I couldn't complain that my 'job' required me to spend hours online and at the library reading poetry. ;)

And then finally I found it. Star-Debt by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe, with its line " jungles of the night."  Not only did it use 'blue' about the night, but it's a truly beautiful poem. Since it's not as long as the others I'll share it right here. 

I owe you all the treasure of the stars;
And though I lived through many avatars,
And paid in coin of flower or fern or tree,
Still hopelessly your debtor I should be;

Will you accept for one of Saturn’s rings
A faerie circle where the Laver sings?
My rowan trio, is their wonder worth
The comradeship of sun and moon and earth?

Will you exchange great Jupiter that glows
An elf-lamp through the sedge, for the wild rose?
And windy harebells for the azure heart
Of Vega flashing where two valleys part?

What can I give you for the Milky Way;
Or for those starry bairns, the Nebulae;
That bed of silver buds, the Pleiades?-
Can you find any lovelier things than these?

For splendid Sirius, for the wondrous sight
Of Leo in blue jungles of the night;
For the great Hunter as he slowly came
Over the elm-tops belted in white flame:

For one of these, supposing that I give
The marvel of each moment that I live?
No! for the beauty of the star-rise and set
I must remain for ever in your debt.

-Dorothy Una Ratcliffe

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